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Welcome to Husband Humiliation - a site dedicated to husband punishment humiliation videos and stories. Our explicit femdom porn videos feature submissive husbands humiliated and degraded by cruel dominant wives. If you want to watch slave husbands forced to submit to humiliating punishments then you have come to the right place. These videos show forced ass licking, excruciating CBT, painful strapon fucking and much more. Just start downloading and enjoy the very best husband humiliation videos right now!

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CBT Extreme

Humiliation Femdom Handjob and Foot Worship

Humiliation Femdom

Humiliation Foot Worship - Watch Here

This video features a combination of three of my favourite things - husband humiliation, foot worship and femdom handjobs. Humiliation and foot worship go hand in hand, so to speak, and there are plenty of foot worship and humiliation videos out there - but this is one of the few I've seen where the guy is getting a cock teasing handjob at the same time. Of course, this isn't your average vanilla handjob - no, the dominant wife use every trick in the femdom book to deliver a handjob that is both teasing and controlling. It is hard to explain all the subtleties of sexual tension, humiliation and power play that are taking place in this video. It's best just to watch it and see for yourself - you can watch it now by clicking this link...

Femdom Handjob & Humiliation - Click Here

Male Humiliation Videos - Guys Pegged by Hot Babes

Male Humiliation Videos

Ass Pegged by Babes - Watch Here

This is the latest in a series of male humiliation videos featuring guys getting their asses pegged by hot babes. The emphasis in these videos is on the dominance of the women and humiliation of the guys who are subjected to the pegging. It is true that some of the guys enjoy having their asses plugged in this manner but that doesn't make it any less humiliating as the girls abuse them and fuck them like little bitches. In fact, the ones that enjoy it get even more abuse from the girls!

You can download this latest male humiliation and pegging video by following this link...

Male Humiliation Pegging Video - Click Here

Humiliated Husband Facesitting Video

Humiliated Husband

Facesitting Humiliation - Watch Here

In this video the humiliated husband is given a taste of facesitting and smothering before finally being forced to lick clean the ass of his dominant wife. Forced annilingus, or ass cleaning as it is known, is a great way to humiliate a husband and show him who's boss. It also has the added bonus of being extremely pleasurable for the wife when done correctly. And if it isn't done correctly then the wife has another reason to punish her pathetic hubby - so she is sure to be a winner every time!

Forced Annilingus Video - Click Here

Wife Humiliates Hubby with Her Best Friend

Wife Humiliates Hubby

Fuck Him In The Ass - Watch Here

My last post was a video in which a wife humiliates her hubby in front of her best friend. Today's video takes it a step further and shows a wife humiliating her hubby with her best friend actually joining in. The two women team up to give the poor husband a humiliating lesson in submission and obedience as they make him crawl on all fours like a dog before finally taking turns to fuck him in the ass with strapons. If you want a video that takes husband humiliation to a new level then you should check this out now on the link below...

Double Strapon Humiliation - Click Here

Femdom Humiliation Nipple Torture Video

Femdom Humiliation

Nipple Torture Video - Watch Here

Today's femdom humiliation video features a wife practicing excruciating nipple torture on her husband while her best friend watches. It is one thing to be a pathetic wimp who is routinely humiliated by his wife but another thing altogether when she invites her friend over to see just how pathetic you really are. If you are a submissive male who harbours fantasies about being humiliated in front of an audience then this video should be right up your street. You can download it now on this link...

Wife & Friend Humiliate Husband - Click Here

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