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Humiliated Husbands Forced to Lick Ass

Today's download is one of a series of videos of humiliated husbands forced to lick ass as a punishment. The videos all feature submissive husbands who are subjected to forced ass cleaning by dominant wives. This femdom humiliation through anal pleasure involves the guys being made to lick and clean the wife's asshole with their tongue...

Humiliated Husbands

Forced Ass Licking - Watch Here

The first video in this series features a hot wife in her early twenties with a beautiful peachy ass that personally I'd be happy to clean with my tongue. But her husband doesn't seem so keen and she has to force him to get down there and give her a good licking. The humiliated husband does as he is told and kneels behind her. She pushes her ass hard into his face until his tongue is right inside her asshole. You can tell from her soft moans that she is getting off on the power she has over her husband - as well ass the physical pleasure of him licking her ass!

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