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Male Slave Humiliation Video - Tied and Tortured

In this male slave humiliation video a pathetic slave husband is tied up and tortured by his cruel and sadistic wife. As the video begins, the unfortunate slave is tied to a table, blindfolded and gagged with tape by his mistress wife. She ties him tightly using straps and cuffs and ensures the tape will prevent him seeing what is coming next. She then begins to humiliate, abuse and torture him...

Male Slave Humiliation

Husband Tied and Tortured - Watch Here

This prolonged humiliation and torture routine involves everything from cock and ball torture to nipple torture and more. It even involves the strategic use of an electric toothbrush in a way that will make your eyes water. The wife expertly mixes humiliation and pain with sexual stimulation to create a state of arousal in her husband that most people could only imagine. If you only watch one video today, make sure it is this one!

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