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Wife Humiliates Husband - Stripped and Punished

In this video a wife humiliates her husband in an act of erotic humiliation. The husband is stripped and punished by being made to do naked push-ups and other exercises in front of the camera. Whilst the husband obeys her commands she continually abuses him verbally - calling him a wimp and a pussy and laughing at his limp cock.

Wife Humiliates Husband

Wife Humiliates Husband - Watch Here

As the humiliation continues the punishment becomes more physical with the wife slapping and hitting her husband and roughly grabbing at his cock. This causes the husband to become aroused and eventually she has him stand in front of her with his erect cock pointing towards her. She holds out her hand and orders him to cum onto it.

The husband starts to stroke his cock and his wife shouts at him to do it harder, calling him humiliating names and saying his cock is worthless. As he speeds up his stroke she piles on the abuse until eventually he pumps thick white cum onto his wife's hand. When he has finished emptying his balls, the wife makes him kneel before her and lick the creamy cum from her palm.

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